Utah Engagements: Taelyn + Carson

These two lovers went to the Great Salt Lake to shoot their engagement session with Mary Jessica Photography. Their energy is full of happiness + love and their love story is pretty darn cute too!

Last July, before moving up to BYU, I decided to do some instagram stalking to see if there were any cute boys at the apartment complex I was moving into. The complex had an instagram page, and they posted man crushes every Monday. After scrolling back pretty far, I saw the cutest boy with the cutest face I’d ever seen. So I did what any girl would reasonably do…stalk his entire instagram. Since I had no idea who this guy was, I thought it might be kind of weird to follow him. But I did anyways. I’m from Hurricane, UT and we call it H-Town there, so my instagram bio said “H-Town”. He was from Houston, TX which apparently is also called H-Town. So when he saw my bio, he DM’ed me saying “Hi! You’re from Houston?” It was a great conversation starter. Really ironic how that worked out. Not much happened after that, until one night in September. We ran into each other completely by fate at a crowded BYU football game. I was walking off the field, and he was walking onto it. We went on our first dateĀ November 4th, and got engagedĀ April 29th. Now, our wedding is only four days away, and I am more than excited to marry him. He’s my favorite person, my best friend, and the love of my life all wrapped in one. It’s crazy to think he was once just a face I saw on instagram, but I’m so happy that’s the face I get to look at forever.