Utah Groomals {Cassidy & Adam}

Today we have a simply lovely groomal session shot by Stephanie Sunderland to share with you! We are just smitten with these gorgeous images!

“Last summer, Adam and I were both signed up for a sociology class. Each of us tried to switch out of it but neither of us could change our schedules. Pretty soon we realized how lucky that was. We happened to sit by each other the third day of class, and we sat together every day after that. When we first met, we joked about going to visit Adam’s family in St. George. After a few weeks of joking Adam actually invited me to go with him. While we were outside his house in St. George an ice cream truck came and all the little kids ran out. Adam bought treats for us, but as we walked away he slipped his own popsicle to a little girl that didn’t have any money. I’ve always looked back on that as the exact moment I fell in love with Adam. He was more ready for marriage than I was, but as we kept dating and I realized he is exactly what I want in a husband.”

StephanieSunderland_Groomals1 acbridals-8433 StephanieSunderland_Groomals2 acbridals-8458 StephanieSunderland_Groomals3 acbridals-8555 StephanieSunderland_Groomals4 acbridals-8529 StephanieSunderland_Groomals5 acbridals-9018 StephanieSunderland_Groomals6 acbridals-8974 StephanieSunderland_Groomals7 acbridals-8937 acbridals-8950 StephanieSunderland_Groomals8 acbridals-8924 acbridals-8865 acbridals-8823 acbridals-8801 acbridals-8742 acbridals-8640


  1. Bekah Loss says:

    Um, I don’t usually get sentimental on this blog (at all), but your heartfelt and honest story about your fiance had me fighting back tears. That’s how love and marriage are supposed to feel. Clear, honest and without fanfare. And not always without a little timidity about the future. Congrats to you both, and you both look lovely. 😉

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