Utah Groomals {Christina + Matt}

Good morning! Today we have a gorgeous groomal session shot by Jessie Alexis Photography at Tuscany and also in the mountains. Christina and Matt are such a beautiful couple and we are smitten with all of these beautiful images!

Christina and Matt were introduced four years ago at a wedding. Christina was a
bridesmaid and Matt came as an escort to his mother. After meeting they
casual dated off and on for three years until Christina was ready to take
it to the next level. Later, Matt decided to further his education and pursue a PhD
in Florida. He proposed by sneaking home and surprising Christina while
both families were present. These two lovers just got married on August 8th at Tuscany the restaurant and are now happily soaking up the sun
as a married couple in Florida!


jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-1 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-5 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-2 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-4 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-8 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-9 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-12 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-10 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-13 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-11 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-16 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-18 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-19 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-20 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-22 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-24 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-25 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-26 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-29 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-30 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-31 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-32 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-34 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-35 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-37 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-38  jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-41 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-42


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