Utah Groomals: Kleinfeld Cancelation

Mad Marie Photography sent us this gorgeous groomal session and we loved it for a plethora of reasons. This bride breaths high fashion, she had herself an apt set up at Kleinfelds in NYC but then convinced by a family member to go shopping here in Utah, found that we in fact have some seriously couture gowns too! She ended up canceling her NYC apt in trade for a one-of-a-kind couture gown found right here in Utah at Gateway Bridal! This bride knows how to fill her life with sentiment as well, we loved that she wore so many meaningful vintage items including her getaway dress that is nearly 50 years old and a stunner! She also wore her grandmothers mink stole, wedding band, and pearls! She sent us a quote by her brother that fit so well …. “Keep your love modern to stay with the times, but keep your love old fashioned so that it lasts for a lifetime.” Congrats Madison & Jose!

Photography: Mad Marie Photography
Gown: Jasmine Couture 2013 with a Tiffany train . Gateway Bridal
Veil: Custom & Handmade by Dee Dee Anderson
Grooms Fashion: Mens Wharehouse & Vera Wang/ Kenneth Cole Shark Line
Bouquet: Botanica Floralogie


  1. Mark Lindsay says:

    I think this should be used in the print magazine. This was the event of the year and the photos are amazing.

  2. Danielle says:

    I want to see more! Nothing like seeing a mixture of families in good ol’ Utah!

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