Utah Mountain Groomals {Sophie & Tyrell}

Today we have a lovely summer mountain groomal session by Kate Osborne to share with you! We are completely smitten with Sophie and Tyrell’s story of love and we wish them all the luck at their wedding this weekend!

“Tyrell and I met in a middle school computer class clear back in 2006. Romantic right? We were both at the awkward, geeky, braces stage. Tyrell was super shy and quiet, and I was loud and outspoken. As much as Tyrell does not like to admit it, he needed help in the class, and I jumped at the opportunity to help/flirt. As months and years went by through high school, an LDS mission, and college, we found ourselves inseparable. He was this shy cowboy who stole my heart and swept me off my feet. After 8 years, we got engaged on March 20, 2014, and will finally make it official on June 12, 2014.”

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