Utah Red Rock Bridals

Today we have a breathtaking red rock bohemian bridal shoot to share with you all that is beyond stunning we had to share a ton of pictures! We are obsessed with the neutral colors of the brides dress, hair and skin-tones against the gorgeous red rock. Not to mention the muted green trees contrasting between the rocks is beautiful! If you are a bride who is wanting something a little different then the popular green background this type of location is a fresh new look and would be perfect for you! These whimsical style images were taken by Kristina Curtis Photography and we couldn’t love them anymore! Thank you so much for sharing them with us Kristina!

UtahRedRock_Bridals1 UtahRedRock_Bridals2 UtahRedRock_Bridals3 _DSC7224 UtahRedRock_Bridals4 UtahRedRock_Bridals5 _DSC7385 UtahRedRock_Bridals6 UtahRedRock_Bridals7 _DSC7389 UtahRedRock_Bridals8 UtahRedRock_Bridals9 UtahRedRock_Bridals10 _DSC7488 UtahRedRock_Bridals11 UtahRedRock_Bridals12 UtahRedRock_Bridals13 UtahRedRock_Bridals14 UtahRedRock_Bridals15 UtahRedRock_Bridals16 _DSC7730 UtahRedRock_Bridals17 UtahRedRock_Bridals18 UtahRedRock_Bridals19 UtahRedRock_Bridals20 UtahRedRock_Bridals21


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