Utah Wedding: Heli-Boarding

We are excited to share with you today a true heli-board wedding that occurred here in the best snow on earth on 1.1.13! Thanks to Jacqui & David for sharing their story specifically with us here at UBB and to Zuma Photo for amazing images of this mountain snow wedding adventure! We love how Jacqui even adorned her bridal self with white snowboarding pants and boots! A true bride saying doing it her way and without missing a single detail!

For us, our relationship has been all about snow. Two weeks after we met at a New Year’s Eve party, David and I drove to Utah on a whim and I saw snow for the very first time.  In the same trip we learned to snowboard together, so when it came time to get married we knew we had to involve snow, snowboarding, and getting as far away from Los Angeles as possible. David had this crazy idea about flying to a mountaintop to make it extra special, so we found Craig and Tina at Diamond Peaks Heli-ski in Utah to see if using a helicopter was an option. Once we heard how excited they were about the idea, we knew we had found our venue.

After that, the biggest challenge was dealing with the weather variable. I firmly believe that every bride has to wear a wedding dress, but we could have blizzards and not be able to fly, or it could be bitterly cold and windy. We ended up with a Plan B that involved going by snowcat up a smaller mountain if flying conditions were impossible, but crossed our fingers and totally lucked out with the most perfect weather anyone could have asked for (though at 10 degrees, wouldn’t mind if it had been a little warmer!).

Photography: Zuma Photo
Venue/helicopter services: Diamond Peaks Heli-Ski
Flowers: Blossom Sweet
Makeup/Hair: Hair & Makeup by Steph

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