Utah Winter Groomals {Destry and Trevor}

Today we have a beautiful and we mean BEAUTIFUL winter groomal session shot by Stephanie Sunderland! A beautiful couple, a beautiful location and fresh fall snow does it every time! Today we are sharing a few words from the groom!

“Destry and I first met at a theater event hosted by Grassroots Shakespeare Company where we bonded over iambic pentameter and slapstick comedy. We remained mild acquaintances until the magical holiday season of 2012, when I was recruiting for an annual Christmas recording session with friends and family. She offered the use of a string of sleigh bells, got credited as the official ‘jingly jangly person,’ and we fell madly in love. We enjoy Gregory Peck movies, epic poems, Nutella, Ingrid Michaelson, blue police boxes, and dance parties. We were married on January 2, 2014.”

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