Victoria & Dan {In Love}

Today we have a southern Utah desert engagement feature from M.Felt Photography and its a natural bohemian beauty. It’s hard not to love the natural surrounding that our great state has to offer down south but these two make it even better as they so effortlessly fit right into the landscape. Victoria & Dan are not natives to Utah, as they originally hail from Kentucky, but are becoming so as they settle their lives here. We loved how gorgeous these two were and well paired with natural attractiveness and we cant help but be smitten by Dan’s beautiful words about his soon to be wife and their relationship!

Our roots were set in hikes along the Iron Ore trail in Bernhiem Forest, iron and wine playing in our minds and Victoria’s head resting on my back.  We fell in love in the woods where our spirits were true and free. There was something so perfect in those moments and all the moments together since. All this time its been Victoria. After seven years with the girl of my dreams, I came to understand what love is. Its caring for, encouraging, and supporting each other.  Love is living life with her, and I want nothing less than that.


  1. I LOVE the desert sessions! They are probably my favorite next to the woodsy sessions! I’ve been dying to get a couple out in the desert, but it’s difficult where I am located- it has to be a special trip to get someone out there. Moab is on my bucket list for a shoot. But I love these, and I love how they styled their clothes. It’s beautiful and flows with the location and the style of the shooting. It’s wonderful!

    great job!

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