Vintage Wedding {Jocelyn + Josiah}

We absolutely adore this vintage wedding! Tavis Johnson did a wonderful job capturing this sweet couple’s special day. All of the details come from Etsy shops, how great is that?! Because of that, every detail is so unique and original. The bride’s crown & florals come from Bohemian Bouquets, her wedding dress from Muse Clothing, and the Venue was found on Airbnb. Everything about this wedding is so perfect!

TavisJohnson_001 TavisJohnson_002 TavisJohnson_003 TavisJohnson_004 TavisJohnson_005 TavisJohnson_006  TavisJohnson_009 TavisJohnson_010 TavisJohnson_012 TavisJohnson_013 TavisJohnson_014 TavisJohnson_015 TavisJohnson_016 TavisJohnson_017 TavisJohnson_019 TavisJohnson_020 TavisJohnson_021 TavisJohnson_023 TavisJohnson_024  TavisJohnson_026  TavisJohnson_028 TavisJohnson_029 TavisJohnson_030 TavisJohnson_031 TavisJohnson_032 TavisJohnson_033 TavisJohnson_034 TavisJohnson_035 TavisJohnson_036 TavisJohnson_037 TavisJohnson_038 TavisJohnson_040 TavisJohnson_041 TavisJohnson_042 TavisJohnson_044 TavisJohnson_045 TavisJohnson_046 TavisJohnson_047 TavisJohnson_049 TavisJohnson_053

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