Wedding Wednesday: Backyard Kitchen Wedding

Not everyone wants a big wedding, in fact some of us here at UBB prefer the more simple kind personally. We are all different, and this blog is about providing you inspiration that caters to all of you brides, and all your differences! Today Alix Loosle shares with us a beautiful backyard kitchen table wedding that she styled and created, its intimately charming. Not only are the details beautiful the mood and personality coming out of this couple is beautiful. They are simply happy, and they need no more than that! We loved that it feels like breaking bread with friends who cherish you as a couple! Cheers! Here is what Alix had to say:

When coming up with the concept for this shoot, I really wanted it to be very casual and easy going, as if the couple just decided to get married in their backyard, have a few friends over for dinner, and use their kitchen table/chairs. I was very inspired by Kinfolk and really wanted to put an emphasis on the food. So, we decided to use food that looked home-cooked, and used recipes as takeaway gifts. When picking the floral for this shoot, we really struggled because the garden was so colorful already.. so, instead of trying to mute down the flowers, we decided to use colors/flowers that looked like they could have been picked from the garden themselves. We wrapped the bride up in the garland before setting it on the table, which really made her look like she had grown straight from the garden herself. I love the way the entire shoot turned out so wild, yet I feel everything was tied together with the home-grown look/feel.