Wedding Wednesday: Lynley & Allen

Lynley & Allen are probably not the typical bride and groom you typically find here on UBB but we found their genuine smiles and charming sophisticated love to be enchanting, this left us with a desire to make note and draw mention to every Utah bride, young, old, or somewhere in-between! Travis J Photography shared this one with us, he thought we might like something a little different than we typically post and he was right! This couple had a great wedding style and so we celebrate Lynley & Allen today for wedding Wednesday! To go along with are non typical post the groom, Allen, joins us with a darling insight into how he and Lynley came to be!

We met in 1996 when we bought homes across the street from one another in Sandy, UT.  I lived alone, and Lynley had 2 of her closest friends living with her.  It didn’t take long before I realized that I was attracted to Lynley and since the homes were brand new, there were several household repairs and installations that I volunteered to take care of in an effort to be around her.  I thought that it should have been obvious to her that I was pursuing her, but she thought that I was just a nice guy who was doing just as much for her roommates.  Lynley thinks I’m a terrible flirt, but the truth is that subtlety and nuance are completely lost on her.  When I finally got the nerve up to ask her to dinner, she said, “Just the two of us?  What about my roommates?”. So, we tried dating off and on, but we never quite got it figured out.  Eventually, I gave up, took a new job and moved away, but I always thought of Lynley as “the one that got away”.  During the next 9 years I worked in West Virginia, Maryland, California and Sweden, and Lynley completed her PhD and began teaching at UVU.  After 9 years, I heard that Lynley was single so I reached out and made arrangements to visit her on my next visit from Sweden to the US.  It was immediately evident that our feelings for each other hadn’t changed over the years, and we began to re-establish our relationship.  Over the course of the next year we tried to build our relationship during my trips to the US, conversations on FaceTime, and taking trips together to Peru, traveling around Sweden, and laying on the beach in Cancun, where our relationship was finally cemented.  We got engaged in October of 2013 and were married on May 2, 2014.

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