Whimsical Engagements (Brian & Carly)

Today we are sharing an adorable engagement session photographed by Aria Photography that was sent to us by the cute bride herself! We loved the love story she shared with us!

“We first met at Pineview Dam at the end of June when our friends got together for a night of boating. We wanted absolutely nothing to do with each other. In fact, we both basically ignored each other all summer. It wasn’t until we ended up in the same nutrition class in the fall that we even really started talking! Once Brian got to know me he was completely smitten, but I wasn’t about to fall for him after a summer of being completely ignored. He waited patiently for almost a month and a half before I even showed any interest. After our first kiss we were completely¬†inseparable. Brian is my best friend, my biggest fan and just the best person I know. I feel so lucky!¬†He proposed to me in May on a hiking trail called Hidden Valley in Ogden. We were surrounded by sunflowers and completely alone. I will never forget how nervous he was. It was such a happy day!”


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