Winter Lake Bridals {Caroline + Michael}

The lovely Tracy Hill took these photos the day before Valentines up on Antelope Island. These two are such a dreamy couple: Caroline is so naturally beautiful and Michael is so handsome, they photographed so well.
From the Bride:
“My dress is about 35 years old. It was designed and hand sewn by my grandmother for my mother when my mother got married. My grandmother hand sewed delicate beading and made beautiful lace designs. The dress has been worn by 3 of my aunts as well. My mother passed away two years ago, and my sister and I decided to wear her dress in our weddings. In November 2014, my sister and I washed and fixed the dress up. We also got the sleeves reconstructed, but left the original cuffs. My sister then got the dress fitted to her and she wore it in her wedding. After her wedding, I got the dress and had it fitted to me. This dress is very special to me and it has been my pleasure to wear it and honor my mother and my grandmother.
The flowers in these photos are ones that I had to quickly fix up before the bridals. I quickly picked out some from target, the day before Valentine’s so the choices were slim. Then I met up with Michael’s sister and she and I put the bouquet together with some leftover greenery she had. It was frantic but fun. The flowers turned out just the way I wanted, and looked a lot like the flowers I was going to use on my wedding day.”
We love the history behind her dress! and for a last minute bouquet, the flowers turned out so beautiful!
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